Mimi Cooper writes:

Breast feeding my son was paramount to me. I know the nutritional,developmental,emotional & health benefits inside out, (being a midwife for over 20 years has its perks) . Add in to the equation that I had a little boy who was utterly,completely clueless when trying to drink from anything other than a boob. It was my only option!

Believe me I tried to get him try drinking from cups, I tried it all.

Expressed breast milk, ended up in every type of drinking vessel you could think of! (All bar the hamster water bottle..) I tipped more EBM down the sink than I dare think about because it will make me cry.

There certainly were no trips out away from my little man for me, he would’ve just screamed the whole time & I’d have felt too guilty to enjoy it anyway, knowing how distraught he got without the breast being there at the first whimper.

My son was just a breast only child, completely & totally.

Therefore when weaning on to solids at 8 months came & went. And he would still roll his tongue over sippy cups like they were some weird form of plastic ice lolly. It became very clear that extended or prolonged breast feeding was ahead of only way forward, that I didn’t really have a choice.

I had originally thought that I’d stop breast feeding when Thomas turned 1..that it was, for me,a means to an end albeit one I enjoyed. But when the time came to try & pop the feeding bras to one side along with the 1st birthday cards, I found that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Despite the fact that feeds were often with an acrobatic toddler approaching the breast from funny angles. That he found great pleasure in lifting up my top at the most inappropriate moments ( in the queue at John Lewis checkout was probably the most embarrassing) I found myself welling up at the thought of stopping. The very idea of it ending brought me to tears.. plus every time I tried to convince him the ” water in this beaker is just as nice” he would look at me with those big brown eyes of his & say “booby cuddle Mummy” and any resolve I had came crashing down.

He had me in an emotional headlock, or so I thought. So I told myself, I’d carry on for another year, or until Thomas decided he’d had enough.

It was only when the subject of extended feeding cropped up amongst my work colleagues, just after Thomas’ 2nd birthday, and I was asked why I was still doing it, that I realised the REAL reason behind my wanting to feed my son for as long as possible…it was for ME & for love, no more, no less.

It was much more than nutrition, convenience and health. It wasn’t just because my little toerag wouldn’t drink from anything else. It was because it was OUR special thing. It was the one thing ONLY I could do. It was the BEST thing to calm his nerves. It was the QUICKEST thing to stop his tears. It was the EASIEST thing to send him to sleep. It was COMFORT when he was ill.

But most of all it was for Thomas & I what made me HIS Mummy. That he wouldn’t be small for long, and if nursing him made him feel safe & secure that was all that mattered.

And…I love that & I wouldn’t change it for the world! ”

Mimi Cooper, proud breastfeeding mother of Thomas age 2 xx