Formula Feeding

Beth Duffell writes:

I knew very little about formula feeding and the naive pregnant mum I was pre arrival of my son just assumed that breastfeeding would be simple. Little did I know that Elliott and I would struggle with it. It all looked so natural and easy in the pictures I had seen so why didn’t it work for us?
He couldn’t latch on properly and we tried to persevere, attending a breastfeeding clinic and even watching You Tube videos of random Americans teaching the best way to latch on. It felt weird but it was a last resort.
After Elliott was about six weeks old we decided that combination feeding just wasn’t working for us and stuck to formula. He liked it and was growing and gaining weight well so it seemed the best option. We bought a steriliser from Amazon and some bottles and we were off. I realise I am a new mum and no medical expert but you should never feel bad about formula feeding. Do we look at our friends now and are able to work out who was formula fed and who was breast fed? You have to do what is best for you and your baby. Formula feeding worked well for us and Elliott was content and slept well.