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Over the course of my 12 year career I have worked alongside many women hypnobirthing their way to an incredible birth, so when it came to birthing my own three children it was very clear to me that hypnobirthing would play a central role.

After my second baby was born I knew I needed to complete my training and qualified with the Association of Hypnobirthing Midwives (AHBM) which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

Hypnobirthing gives you a number of tools that you and your birth partner can utilise to remain calm, focused and in control. By learning relaxation techniques through hypnobirthing scripts, oxytocin releasing massage and calm focused breathing you will gain confidence and have powerful skills you can use so that you can have a positive birthing experience, no matter how you birth your baby. During my course I will share with you information and knowledge that is factual and will empower you to realise that your body has been designed to birth, without fear and tension.

Although I cannot predict exactly how your birth story will play out or what sort of birth you will have, it is well documented that hypnobirthing mothers will often have less medical intervention and a far more positive experience of childbirth. It also is a fantastic way of giving your birth partner an active role to play.

If any of this information sounds interesting and/or your curious to know more please do get in touch with me via 07789814207 so we can discuss any queries further.

The Candid Midwife home based hypnobirthing course is very flexible.

My most popular options are :-

One four hour essentials course. This includes home tuition with a book and MP3. Priced at £250


One six hour course, broken down into 3 sessions. This can offer more time for couples to practice relaxation and fear release exercises. Priced at £350. This includes home tuition, a book and MP3.



As well as bespoke one to one / small group home hypnobirthing tuition I also teach larger hypnobirthing group courses through Bump and Baby Club in London

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