Contemporary Antenatal Classes

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I have always had an interest in antenatal and postnatal education. I truly believe that knowledge is power and that it is essential to have the right information and understanding as to what is actually going on in your body as it grows, births and then nurtures a new tiny human. Having a baby changes your whole world so preparing your mind and body for what is ahead helps to encourage a positive experience during your transition into motherhood.

I currently teach regular group classes across London for Bump and Baby Club. I always start the course by matching my agenda with those who attend. Sometimes we adapt certain parts if we know a couple on the course are experiencing something that is not usually in the program. For example, I recently taught a lovely couple who were having twins and we spent a bit more time considering their elective caesarean section and how it would be caring for two babies.

I also offer one to one antenatal courses in Brighton and Hove and surrounding areas, which can be delivered in the comfort of your own home and around your work schedule. This can be particularly useful if you have had a baby previously and would like me to create a bespoke refresher course for you. If you have had a previous negative experience we can discuss what happened before and I can include elements from my hypnobirthing course to your personalised plan to encourage and restore confidence in your ability to have a positive birth experience this time.


The standard course content is as follows:

£350 3 weekly 2 hr home sessions

  •  What is Labour and how does it start.
  • The physiology of birth.
  • How to cope at home during the early stages.
  • When to call the midwife.
  • Pregnancy concerns and what to do (ie signs of pre eclampsia and other problems).
  • Labour massage, breathing and relaxation prep and practice.
  • Pain relief options for home and hospital.
  • Waterbirth/ homebirth.
  • Induction, ventouse, forceps and caesarean section births.
  • Writing your birth preferences.
  • Information about the 3rd stage of labour (placenta delivery).
  • Welcoming your baby to the world.
  • Womb to world dwelling.
  • Skin to Skin.
  • Taking your baby home.
  • Information sharing on SIDS.
  • Coping strategy’s for tiredness and postnatal blues.
  • Care of the newborn (nappies, bathing, swaddling).
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Potential challenges and top tips on feeding.
  • The physiology of breastfeeding.
  • Skin to skin, latch and position.
  • Case studies, information sharing and trouble shooting on breastfeeding throughout the first year.