A very warm welcome to the candid midwife webpage. I have dreamt for a while now about creating a safe and honest space to think and talk about the incredible journey of becoming a parent, from the challenges of conception to the life changing arrival of your tiny human. I hope you enjoy exploring this site and hearing about my journey as a midwife and mother and the honest stories of those who have taken the time to share their own adventures and insight into the world of parenthood.

Alexis Stickland

Midwife and Mum to Toby, Ivy & Wilfred


On a personal note id like to give a shout out and huge thank you to my wonderful husband Dan, who put this website together for me and always supports and encourages my dreams until they make it to reality.  We have made the best team for 17 years now Spanners and I love the bones of you ! XOXO


Disclaimer: Although I am a registered midwife and bump and baby club teacher, everything written on the candid midwife blog is of my own personal opinions and experiences. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy or baby you must contact your midwife or doctor.